Friday, July 3, 2015

Excursion on the Version!

I've found week 2 of the Makers Academy pre-course has been a lot more straightforward than week 1, mainly because 90% of the issues I had last week were caused by 'not having a mac'. After I'd sorted all the ins and the outs of using Nitrous as a coding platform it's all been going OK (famous last words!!!). I mean, it's still a challenge, but I feel less stressed with it all and am really enjoying the learning process.

So what have we been learning about? Well, Version Control, which is the management of changes to code, documents, computer programs, and other collections of information. We've been using Git locally on our computers and the web service GitHub to push/pull our code to - which is essentially backing it up and accessing it remotely.

Version Control is something I'd never used before, or even heard of, so it's been very enlightening. One of the most useful things this week was the Git Immersion course in which we found out all about Branching, using Alias', and being able to collaborate on each others codes via GitHub.

In short, I'm no expert but I'm finishing the week feeling quietly confident that I understand what we're supposed to right now. Which must be good, right? Plus with pretty much everything we've done this week I can see how useful it'll all be for any future projects (and hopefully career).

Roll on week 3...

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